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For many years, patients have been using a dental insurance benefit, usually provided by their employers, to help get and stay dentally healthy. Also for many years we have seen that patients often are subjected to the maximums and deductibles as well as limitations and denials of services due to the insurance contract they have.

Now with the economy and upcoming changes to the Health care environment, I am finding that patients are losing their insurance coverage, so they are avoiding necessary dental care until there are BIG problems. We are aware that patients are also being steered to very limited dental coverage plans (less cost for employers) which allows only minimal dental care for them and their families. I have avoided joining these plans due to the complications of care and involvement of insurance companies in determining treatment rather than the patient and the doctor determining best treatment for that specific patient.

After much research I have found a solution to provide dental care for our patients without a plan. It works for both of us. Today we have started an in house dental plan called the SMART Dental Discount Plan. It's Smart to understand and SMART to use. 

Please read the pages here carefully. There are some rules and limitations. You will see that this plan is not insurance. We think of it as a membership plan, like Sam's club or Costco where you pay a membership fee to join and you enjoy discounts on the services, BUT you also recoup way more than the membership fee in the way of exams, cleanings, x rays and fluoride and peace of mind. It is a great value for our great patients and we hope to keep you healthy, eating well and smiling for a long time! 

In Office Dental Plan

We art excited to offer the following SMART Dental Discount Plan to patients who do not have dental insurance. 


Saving Money Allows Regular Treatment

Benefits of our dental plan include:

  • No Annual Maximum
  • No Deductible
  • No waiting period- this means you can start treatment today!
  • No wondering whether insurance will pay towards your treatment
  • No preauthorization is ever required!
  • Cosmetic dentistry and treatments are included!!